Stephan Terblanche has 22-years of experience in Sports Injuries and Orthopedic Rehabilitation (lumbopelvic pain). He has been involved in private practice in the Glenwood-Morningside area for 20-years and for the last 5-years has been operating from Musgrave Park.

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Over the last 5-years Stephan Terblanche presented Trail Clinics organized by Trail Magazine,

With emphasis on the Management and Prevention of Trail Running Injuries, as his passion is Trail Running and Hiking. He has done some trekking and mountaineering in the Andes Mountains, Himalayas, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya ranging from 5000 to 6500m.

Besides doing 3 Grand Traverse’s (DGT’s) hiking from the Northern to Southern Drakensberg, he has done some Ultra Trail Running events in the Drakensberg and Lesotho.

Stephan Terblanche has presented numerous talks and workshops on Sports Nutrition, The Causes and Management of Sports-Running-Hiking Injuries, Power Plate Rehabilitation, Applied Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics in association with ATA (Accurate Therapeutic Advancement), ETA, HFPA (Health & Fitness Professionals Association) and SAWFA (SA Water & Fitness Association).

Previously Stephan Terblanche was involved with ETA (Exercise Teachers Academy) for 10-years as a part-time lecturer for the training of Personal Trainers, Sports Coaches and Sports Conditioners. He was contracted to Power Plate SA to run Internationally accredited Academies for the training of Medical and Fitness Professionals on the use of the Power Plate for rehabilitation and conditioning.