This spinal condition is prevalent amount young teenagers (age 9 to 14-years), especially girls that are idiopathic in nature (no specific cause) and triggered by a growth spurt or puberty. Other possible causes are neuromuscular conditions (muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, polio), congenital factors (fetal development), leg length discrepancies (anatomical) and postural imbalances due to playing one-sided sports like tennis and cricket bowling.

When assessing the individual’s scoliosis curvature it is important to determine whether it is functional (spasm, postural or muscle imbalances) or structural (anatomical) in nature. Functional scoliosis curvatures can be treated very successful while structural scoliosis curvatures can only be improved up to a certain degree, but the earlier the treatment (age 9 to 18-years is ideal) the better the prognosis.

We offer a Scoliosis Program at the Bio Practice that is mainly home or gym based and requires x-rays to determine the severity and number of lateral curvatures. This info is then used to design an individualistic scoliosis rehab program to counteract or stabilize the direction of the lateral spinal curves.

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