Sport Injuries

Whether you are a professional or recreational sportsman or women you are going to be faced with an injury of some sorts in your lifetime. The injuries can vary from traumatic (acute) such as twisting your ankle to atraumatic (chronic) as in knee pain that you develop every time you run a certain distance.

The treatment approach for these two types of injuries are different in that you would initially treat the SYMPTOMS (pain, swelling, inflammation) in both traumatic (acute) and atraumatic (chronic) injuries, but eventually would focus on treating the CAUSE in atraumatic (chronic) injuries to get results.

In the case of atraumatic (chronic) injuries there can be a variety of causes such as:

  • Acquired Muscle Imbalances – due to structural and muscular adaptation to your occupational activities, sports environment and technique.
  • Biomechanical Alignment – that is a dysfunction of the structural alignment of joints in the body due to inherited factors (flat feet, high arches, bow legs, arched back, shorter leg syndrome) or acquired muscle imbalance (right or left handed sports like tennis or bowling in cricket).
  • Ergonomics & Technique – could be related to how you hold your racket or play a shot in golf; are you a forefoot or heel striker when running; and the set-up of your road or mountain bike.
  • Equipment – your choice of running shoes (road, trail), hiking boots, grip size and weight of a racket can either minimize or maximize your chance of an injury.

Once we have determined the cause or possible aggravating factors of the chronic injury can we device a treatment plan to address the injury and teach you ways to manage it more effectively (DIY).

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