Compex – Muscle Stimulation


At the Bio Practice we also make use of Compex technology to activate weak or atrophied muscles and neural pathways by stimulating the motor nerve at the muscle directly via electrodes. This is particularly useful if damaged has occurred in the brain or spinal cord as these systems are bypassed to directly stimulate the peripheral nerves and their corresponding muscles.

At the Bio Practice we use Compex technology to help activate weak muscles and neural pathways once we have established the pathology. This process is necessary to get permanent and faster results when rehabilitating injuries (chronic knee & shoulder pain), orthopeadic (hip and knee replacements) and neurological (stroke, spinal cord injuries) conditions.

One of the main benefits is involuntary activation of the muscles of the core (transverse abdominus), hip (gluteus medius/minimus), knee (vastus medialis) and shoulder (rotator cuff). Once these muscles are activated at the Bio Practice can further progress and maintenance be achieved by using a home or gym-based programs.


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