Back Pain and Injuries

At the Bio Practice we specialize in the treatment of chronic back pain (neck and lower back) by attempting to treat the primary CAUSE of the pain and not just secondary symptoms or compensatory pain patterns.

There can be a multitude of back pain causes such as:

  • Inherited Postures – joint hypermobility or laxity, lordosis (arched back), scoliosis
  • Acquired Postural Imbalances – due to structural and muscular adaptation to your workplace ergonomics, occupational activities, sports environment and juvenile growth spurt.
  • Ergonomics – a poorly structured work environment or sports techniques can predispose you to back injuries.
  • Weak Core Muscles – due to a lack of functional activities or exercise, aging, childbirth, caesareans and weight gain.

Once we have determined the cause of the back pain and the aggravating factors we can treat the injury more specifically and teach you ways to manage your back at home (DIY).

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