Mountain Camp 31 March – Download complete story

Rhino Peak Trail Run Clinic - Pinnicle Rock 22km run

Something magical happens in the mountains. Spirits soar, oxygen drops, appetites grow and shrink, but most of all, we forge bonds. Your relationship will never be the same once you have summited a peak together, hobbled back to the trail head together, shared your trail food, and suffered together. Blessed are we to have these mountains and these people!

The journey began on Friday with an injury assessment by Stephan Terblanche Biokineticist. He took care of our “buckled” chassis and compensation pains. Hips realigned and ankles released, we joined pilates instructor Tarryn Lopez for some activation exercises on the lawn at Riverlea.

After a hearty supper, short film, and discussion about altitude, we were off to bed. Saturday morning dawned, and we set off along the sparkling Polela River in Cobham, after a rigorous warmup lead by Tarryn Lopez. Reaching Pinnacle Rocks inspires awe each time, as the enormous boulders dwarf runners and neighbouring hills. Many thanks to Spurgeon Flemington and Matt Goode of Running Man Adventures for leading the group! The route back to base joined the Giant’s Cup Trail, with gorgeous swimming spots.

The afternoon and evening at Riverlea was leisurely, with naps, films, snacks, and a smattering of foam rolling!

Sunday was the biggie: Rhino Peak Summit! It was a glorious mild morning, and the run/hike up the iconic mountain went smoothly. Some extremely friendly Basotho locals even stopped to take a selfie and chat with the group. A new lot of certified mountain goats have been released onto the trails: watch out for them at Ultra-Trail Drakensberg at the end of April!